We started HomeCrowd in 2017 with a mission to help millenials to buy their affordable home in this overpriced housing market with an alternative financing via peer-to-peer lending. Home is not just than a commodity asset; whilst has been serving an important role to provide us a shelter, comfort and loving environment for us and our families. Meanwhile, millenials is the backbone of the nation building and the future leaders. According to PwC research, millenials make up about 50% of Malaysia’s workforce today.

Through the innovative marrying of technology and mortgage financing to create a marketplace where millennials can look for an affordable house and investors can provide a social lending to make an impact in millenial’s life and having a fraction of the housing investment at the same time.

Added benefits of diversification help further enhance their attractiveness. We are working hard to provide you with only quality deals and hope you will join us on this amazing journey to transform the way your home loan is granted in this digital age. Last but not least, we are all millenials to serve millenials!

Marketplace for home loan via peer-to-peer lending



House prices up

As being a millennial, we felt the effect of the housing prices have risen significantly in recent years mainly due to the speculation activities happening throughout the world.

According to Bank Negara Malaysia, the number of unsold housing units increased in 2017 while houses also remained unaffordable especially in key employment centres.


Solving problems with technology

We are determined to innovate and leverage on the emerging technologies like online crowdfunding, big data and machine learning to reduce the cost of borrowing and moving forward to make home affordable over longer term.

Our greatest satisfaction would be able to help promising millennials whom denied financing by banks to buy their dream home and the same time to promote better financial management education.


Social impact investment

Investment could vary by different forms or risk levels. For HomeCrowd, your little amount of money is likely to create an impact into a millennial’s life to achieve their dream home and helping our government’s mission to promote home ownership.


Democratized investment

We are moving into a new investment model where every individual investor is empowered to have a say on the lending decision making as compared to traditional way which was centralized authority role.


Future dreams

We are a team of dreamers and big fan of emerging technologies. We also envisioned adopting into blockchain, open API/banking, AI and Virtual Reality (VR) for our future products which aimed to further revolutionize the Industry 4.0 transformation.


Challenging status quo

We are determined to challenge some of the traditional ways of doing things. However, whatever we are doing and planning to do may face resistance from various stakeholders like regulators, banks or government. Thus, we need your support as well to work together to achieve our dreams.


Democratising access to mortgage financing


Marketplace for home loan via peer-to-peer lending