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The Traditional Mortgage Industry Pain Points
Since 2017, 60% of Malaysian homebuyers had their mortgage loan applications declined by traditional banks.
(Source: Bank Negara Malaysia)

Home Loan approval is challenging

2/3 of Malaysian millenials have yet
to own a home (Source: HSBC Survey)

Survey says each wants to own a
home in the next 5 years
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Step 1 - An eligible loan applicant applies for home financing by submitting the necessary details on HomeCrowd platform

Step 2 - Our team authenticates the loan applicant details, assesses their credit score & processes their application

Step 3 - Our pool of lenders bid on funding eligible loan portfolios

Step 4 - Funds are then disbursed to the property developer/owner on behalf of the loan applicant, and you can move into your new home

How are we different?

Holistic Credit Score

We evaluate your credit worthiness beyond standard credit bureau reports, and are flexible in serving your financing needs.

Freelancer/Gig Economy Worker

As millennials ourselves, we understand the flexibility and freedom of more and more millennials choosing to become their own boss.
We are able to evaluate credit worthiness of those are underserved by traditional banking.

Up To RM500k Financing

In accordance with the affordable home financing limit set by Malaysian Government, we offer up to RM500K in financing.


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