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Beating Conventional Methods: Empowering Society With Home Ownership and Rewarding Trust

HomeCrowd is an impact enterprise that helps underserved millennial by using a holistic data-driven credit scoring that grants them access to a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform for mortgage.

We are the first company in Malaysia to be licensed and regulated for P2P lending for mortgage & consumer financing by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT - Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan).

*HomeCrowd is in beta phase and pending the fulfillment of the licensing requirements, no actual loans will be given out but all applications treated as expressions of interest for future loan

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Why HomeCrowd?

Empowering Millennials

Empowering deserving millennials with home ownership

Competitive Rates

We believe every individual’s credit score should be measured fairly. Thereby, we offer a competitive rate based on your holistic credit score

Transparent & Upfront

We keep our terms fair, our rates low, and our fees, transparent. For your peace of mind, we do not charge late interest or early repayment fees

Innovative Technology

We provide a convenient online platform where you may apply for a loan or invest in our platform at anytime and anywhere with just clicks - skipping tedious paper work

Financially Literate Choice

As your digital personal financing assistant, we are focused on your financial needs and not cross selling your details

Safe & Secure

Your loan application and/or loan investment information are secured with industry-standard encryption. Rest assured that your valuable data is safe with us

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Stable & Transparent Returns From Diversifying Your Investments

Hassle free peer-to-peer lending platform

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Be Part of the New Community Financing The Millennials’ Future

With competitive returns - a fixed-income alternative, up to 12% P.A.

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Step 1 - Browse our offerings and view our portfolio of property backed home loans

Step 2 - Invest anywhere and anytime : choose the loan portfolio you’ll like to invest in and set your investment amount for as little as RM500

Step 3 - Get paid quarterly – and earn returns of up to 12% annually

Step 4 - Cash-out when you need to: your return is optimized if held for the maximum duration of the loan, however, you have the choice of cashing-out by selling it in our secondary exchange as well

Unlock A New Asset, Invest In

Historically, only banks and large institutions could invest in consumer credit.
With HomeCrowd, you get access to a new asset class that these institutions have enjoyed for decades – enabling you to diversify your portfolio, and earn competitive returns.

Competitive Returns

A fixed-income alternative, with returns of up to 12% P.A. No entry fees charged

Social Impact Investment

Invest and create a positive impact with your money


Distribute your funds across many loan notes as possible to minimize default risk


All money received from lenders is held by an independent and licensed trustee. We hold no authorization over the money held

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