Mortgage loan

According to Bank Negara Malaysia data, 60% of Malaysian homebuyer were rejected for the mortgage loan application from traditional banks for the past 2 years, in both 2017 and 2018. Based on an HSBC survey, about 2 out of 3 Malaysian millennial yet to own their 1st home and 94% of them want to buy one in the next five years.

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Holistic credit score

We evaluate your credit worthiness beyond the credit bureau reports. We are humanizing financial solution through technologies. We are compassionate and flexible to serve your financing needs.

Freelancer & gig economy worker

As the world transform into digital economy, we understand that more and more millennials prefer the flexibility and freedom to become their own boss. We are able to evaluate your credit worthiness to provide financing to you. Nonetheless, if you are working as a tuition teacher or self employed with no payslip, we can also help

Property price

The home price that you are looking for should be not more than RM500k which is the threshold price set by Malaysian government as an affordable home which in line with our mission to help millennial to get the financing.